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Pack Life TV is a show dedicated to the new breed of fitness entrepreneur. One that is committed to living life to the fullest. Cliche as that may sound, we don’t mean just life inside the 4-walls of their fitness business (yep, online counts too); we’re talking about being purposeful and loving the business they have built that is profitable and has a “long game” and isn’t dependent on “tips and tricks’ but rather is built of culture, experience, results and predictable and sustainable marketing, sales, automation and fulfillment. The goal is to build wealth in all areas of life…but when it comes to business this means:

 The goal is to build wealth in all areas of life…but when it comes to business this means:

1. Making money 

2. Keeping money

3. Growing money

Most may get to #1….but very few learn and understand #2 and #3; which is where true wealth and lifestyle design lie. 

We teach all 3….and not just because we’ve read about it somewhere or did a course on it. It’s because we do it day in and day out in our businesses and our life. 

Its also about living the best (whatever that means to you) possible life outside of your gym and creating experiences, security and well being for yourself and your family so that you can have great relationships all around (with yourself first – being connected, to your family, friends and clients too). It’s also about living in integrity and having fun, period. 

Pack Life TV has Steve and Luka covering topics on all the above and bringing along some of the other top experts in the world in different fields and deliver some not so well known and even controversial strategies and views on achieving the “Have It All” life. The rule is – they have to live it, or they’re not on the show. Simple. 

If you’re offended by real, raw, relevant and ruthlessly committed to results type of knowledge (and some profanity that expresses passion) then I warn you Pack Life TV may not be for you. If you don’t give a shit about minutia like that because you’re too committed to doing the work to have it all in your life then….


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