Luka’s Guide To Getting Your S*#t Together

Hope you’re doing good.

I’ve been on fire with work and pretty much just saying yes to every project then hustling to get it done (I wouldn’t do this all the time but when you’re trying to get shit done and get ahead with light speed this method works).

With the work I’ve also been reading 2-3 books a week as it tends to be my wooosa time for a couple of hours a day.

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Shoulder issues or brain issues?

Hope you’re doing great.

Just got up to do a conditioning session with Krebs before I take him to the airport.

It was another weekend of some serious knowledge bombs as Vigor Ground hosted Eric Cressey for a one day shoulder seminar. We had 130 strength coaches, trainer and physical therapists and sold it out even faster than we anticipated.

Eric truly is the best at what he does and we covered shoulder anatomy, assessments, correctives, and programming. A lot of information from 9 to 5 but everyone took a ton from it and will be going back to their clients with information they can help them feel, move, and perform better.

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Truth? You can’t handle the truth!!

Hope you’re doing great.

I’m at Charlotte airport early as I’m leaving to go back to Seattle after being at the Training for Warriors Summit where I spent a bunch of time with Martin Rooney and the TFW Familia.

Martin asked me to speak on charity events in front of 60 TFW business owners and it was not only an honor but a pleasure to be able to help people give more to the community while growing their business.

The weekend was extremely inspiring and I challenged everyone to get on board with a project that will change how we go about helping the community as fitness professionals. Stay tuned for a hurricane of giving in 2014.

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Are you Wrestling or Dancing?!

As Fit Pros we wear many hats. We are coach, trainer, therapist, support, marketer, salesman, and sometimes cleaning crew, admin, book keeper…and, and, and.

Sometimes because of this overwhelming list of tasks, we forget what focus is the most important…Getting our clients to change, AKA getting them results.

The question is, are you wrestling with clients or dancing with them? Obviously this isn’t a literal question…otherwise you have bigger problems on your hands. Disclaimer: Physically Wrestling with clients isn’t an acceptable behavior unless you run a BJJ/MMA academy…just saying!

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Monday Motivation: Tough Love

“Most people reach success much later in life, because they didn’t realize what was MOST IMPORTANT sooner.”

I think that quote can be applied to so many different facets of life, success, and business.

  • Financial Success
  • Success in our relationships
  • Success in achieving happiness
  • Success in moving past negative experiences
  • Business Success


Our focus dictates where we will go in life.

If you allow life to push and pull you like currents in a river then you are living reactively. You are giving up your power. You are allowing external factors to control your life direction.

That is some scary shit right there.

Most people gravitate toward living reactively so they don’t have to accept the blame or responsibility for the lack of success or happiness in it. It’s easy to point the finger and blame everything else but yourself for what’s lacking in life, or negative experiences.

It’s a poisonous mindset that I implore you to eradicate immediately.

I know you have heard the saying “Actions speak louder than words.” The same goes for your focus. You can say what your purpose is, or what you are going to do. But until you actually DO IT, it doesn’t matter. How often are you “Letting yourself off the hook?”

Ultimately we have to move your focus from what you want right now, to what you truly want.

Take a few minutes and write out your true passion, purpose, and desires for your life. Hell, even send them to me so I can hold you accountable.

My Business Focus and Purpose:


My Relationship Focus:


My personal Financial focus:


My life focus and purpose:


I want you to live your purpose. I want you to be happy and fulfilled by your life.

Success is earned, it doesn’t come easy, but when you achieve it, you will know that you deserved it. It has ZERO to do with luck. So you have to make your own luck by working your ass off toward what you truly want.

It’s time for you to focus on what’s most important NOW, before its too late.

If you aren’t where you want to be then you have to be willing to take the required actions. You have to be willing to invest in success.

Regret is a terrible feeling that I would hate for you to experience. You deserve better, and you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to reach your full potential.

Stop bullshitting yourself. If your business sucks then do something about it. If your life sucks then fucking do something about it.

There are no handouts in this life. I’m not here to tell you what you want to hear. I’m your coach, so I’m going to tell you what YOU NEED to hear.

Rise to the challenge and reap the rewards of hard work.

Memento Mori,

P.S. If you need help with a kick-start, head over to so we can take the first step toward your greatness in your life and business. No Regrets!

Don’t Fake the Funk. And some tactics and shit.

We are all champions of bullshitting ourselves.

We tell ourselves lovely fairytales on why we don’t accomplish the things that we truly desire. (If you already have your shit together, and life is all puppies, unicorns, and gum drops, then skip to the “tactics and shit” portion of this amazing fucking post.)

As fit pros we focus so much on helping others get over their personal obstacles that we forget about our own…or we just like the fact that we get to act like we don’t have them. When you are consistently helping others out, you can bullshit yourself into thinking that you have it all figured out.

The fact of the matter is that we all have demons. And these demons are holding us back from reaching our true potential.

You have to ask yourself some questions so you can face the truth:

  1. Is your fitness business where you want it to be?
  2. Is your business a baby or a puppy? If you want to know what this is, check out this old article I wrote.
  3. Are you happy?
  4. Do you have a plan for your own health and fitness?
  5. Who is holding you accountable?
  6. Are you living out your dreams? Your Passion? Your Purpose?

At this point you have to cut the bullshit. You need Mrs. Garrett from “The Facts of Life” in your life, someone who won’t let you be a spoiled little bitch like Blair (if you don’t know what “The Facts of Life” is, please youtube that shit…and grow up) hahah!

The first step in growing as a person and a business owner is to face your issues. Slay the demons. Don’t avoid the things that are holding you back. Attack your weaknesses. I COMMAND YOU TO GROW!

Personal growth should be your #1 focus in life. A never ending pursuit of growth through education, traveling, relationships, gratitude, and service.

You can’t help others if you don’t have your own shit on point. You 100% must help yourself first. If the plane is going down, they tell you to put your own oxygen mask on before trying to help others. That is a pretty badass analogy for life. Don’t be one of these bullshit artistes who gives advice, while their own life is in shambles.

It’s time to stop faking it and get your shit together (I’m seeing how many times I can write shit in this post by the way).

Krebsi’s 10 rules for Getting your SHIT together:

  1. Be yourself 100% of the time, no matter who you are around. The fastest route to unhappiness is to try to be something you are not.
  2. Live every day like it’s your last. Don’t waste any time. Have a focus for each and every day.
  3. Write out your goals – Personal, Relationship, Financial, Business, Happiness, Experience. And then take consistent massive action to achieve.
  4. Revisit your purpose every morning. You should have your goals written out so you have a compass of what you want to accomplish.
  5. Unplug! When you are doing work, be productive. When you aren’t, get out and experience life. Put your Fucking Phone away when you are out to dinner, at the movies, having coffee, etc. Nobody is so important that they need to be on the phone, computer, iPad all day.
  6. Tell your parents you love them even if they are shit heads. I shouldn’t have to explain this one… You are kind of here because of them…
  7. Treat your significant other like a king/queen. Go out of your way to do the “Little Things.” Fellas, trust me on this… ]if she tells you she doesn’t want you to fuss over her, she is full of shit. That, my friend, is a test. All women want to be treated like a princess. Stop being a shit head and treat her/him right.
  8. Rid your life of ALL negativity. I don’t care who or what it is, get rid of it NOW.
  9. Live well below your means. Being in debt will create stress that NOBODY should go through. Trust me, at one point I was 30K in credit card debt…that shit sucked.
  10. Help Others! Doing a good deed every day will change your life. My challenge to you is to do for others without expecting anything in return. This is worth millions.


“Some tactics and shit”

Time to get down to biznaaaazzzzzz!

We talk to struggling fit pros every day. There are some recurring themes in our convos.

What most fit pros think the problem is:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Organization
  3. Systems
  4. Lack of Business Growth

What the real problem is:

  1. Consistent Results, Member Appreciation, No Marketing Plan
  2. Overwhelmed
  3. Not sure of their vision or core values
  4. No action. Over analyzation.

I can relate to each and every one of these problems. We are all our own biggest enemy/obstacle. Let’s get out of our own way, and get to work!

So let’s give you some actionable strategies and tactics you can apply right now.

First, let’s audit your current business.

  • What are you offering?
  • What are your prices?
  • How many members do you have?
  • How many do you want?
  • How many leads do you need to reach your monthly membership goals? (conversion rate)
  • How are you going to get those leads?
  • How much are you paying yourself?
  • Do you have a retirement set up for yourself?
  • What is your monthly marketing budget?
  • What is your Return on Investment of current marketing?

We have to face these questions on a consistent basis before we can worry about “tactics and strategies” otherwise it would be like putting a bandaid on a bullet wound.

Now that we know where you are at, we can start building up that biz. Let’s focus on 5 simple steps today that will add a minimum 10k+ to your business… sound good?

Step 1 – Increase your prices by 10%

Step 2 – Run a Paid In Full Special for 5 people only – 1 year of large group for $1600 – that’s already $8k in your pocket, but who’s counting?

Step 3 – Add a front end offer that brings in $97 bucks for each prospect. 20 leads a month = $2k increase/month

Step 4 – Create a hybrid program for your boot campers/ large group clients. 1 small group a week add on = $149/month. Get 10 to jump on this “specialized invite only” program = $1,490/month increase.

Step 5 – Damn, I gave you the ole’ Shake N’ Bake today! Now go Make SHIT Happen!

Memento Mori,

If you are ready to revolutionize your business and life, and think THE PACK is the right fit for you, then go register for your free 1 on 1 strategy session at This is for fitness business owners or PTs who are in the process of opening their own facility. Only apply if you are serious about getting help.

Turntables, Submissions, and More Leads

Something most people don’t know about me is the fact that I have a couple bad ass hobbies…. I DJ and I train MMA/BJJ.

I have technic 1200 turntables and I learn from one of the best scratch DJ’s on the planet.

Unfortunately, I don’t get to practice as much as I like, but its an amazing creative outlet. It gets me away from “busy work” and helps me clear my mind. I get my best ideas when I’m playing around on the 1’s and 2’s. My goal for this hobby is to DJ once a month at the hottest club in my area. Yes, I even set goals for my hobbies 😉


I have been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Marital Arts for over 8 years. I cannot recommend the martial arts enough. BJJ provides me with a huge challenge. No matter how much you train, there is always another level of mastery. It’s a chess match. Much like business and life, it’s less about you vs. an opponent and more about you vs you. My goal for BJJ is to achieve my black belt. I don’t care how long it takes, but I WILL achieve this goal.


My “hobbies” are a huge part of my life. I am passionate about both, and they fuel my fire for life. They both have a direct positive effect on everything else I do.

The question I want you to ask yourself is “Do I have a hobby that is forcing me to push my boundaries?”

You can’t be all work and no play. It is the most direct route to failure. You WILL burn out, and your business and life will suffer.

Life is all about balance. Balance between your business, your hobbies, your family, your faith, and your finances. Balance equals happiness. Happiness leads to success.

Take a few minutes and write out some things outside of your fitness business that could be a hobby that forces you out of your comfort zone.


Ahhhh Lead Generation…The “Miley Cyrus” of the Fitness Industry. We just can’t get enough…We just can’t stop talking about it. But unlike old Miley, lead generation is actually a necessary evil. The lead generation is like the fuel; without the fuel our businesses will spit and sputter. The business can’t run without it.

So I figured I would share some things that are working well right now. Plus I was just looking for a way to fit Miley Cyrus into a blog post…so I’m content now.

1) Webinars:

A really badass way to generate local leads and grow your local email list is to hold free webinars. It’s as simple as signing up for and sharing your expertise via powerpoint presentation.

Think about how you can answer the questions of your target market through a webinar.

Here is a basic breakdown of a high converting webinar outline:

  1. Welcome
  2. Introduction
  3. The hook –> What’s In It For Them (WIIFT)?
  4. Your Story–> Why should they listen to you?
  5. Social Proof–> Client success stories and Testimonials
  6. The Agenda–> What are you going to teach them?
  7. Content
  8. Opportunity to work with you more–> opt in for desk date
  9. Q & A
  10. Outtro –> Thanks and Goodbye

You can run 2 webinars per month all pushing prospects into 1 on 1 desk dates or strategy sessions. Make sure that you have a sound sales machine in place so you can convert leads efficiently.

2) Bring A Friend Day

It’s funny that something so basic can be so HUGE when it comes to generating quality leads. Your members already love you, they love your gym, and they trust you. Encouraging them to bring in their friends and family is the easiest way to grow your fitness family. We have a bring a friend day every Thursday, and we get consistent leads. We even have posters up in the gym to remind our members about it.


The trick to this is to be consistent, ask your members to share their experience with friends and family. You could even hold a “Bring an Enemy Day” haha. That would be interesting huh?

3) Free Seminars

Every Saturday I hold a free seminar open to the public. We encourage members to bring friends and family members with them to share the information.

Here are some of the topics that we have touched on:

  1. Breathing Techniques
  2. Mobility – 6 part series
  3. Corrective Flexibility
  4. Intermittent Fasting
  5. Macro Nutrients and Nutrition
  6. Supplements

Create a squeeze page where people that aren’t members can sign up for the seminar and now you are growing your local list.

4) Email List

This is pretty simple. You should be emailing your local list almost every day with free content, and a very small amount of selling. We use 95/5 Content to Selling ratio. If you have trouble writing I suggest you grab the book “Words That Sell.” It will help you to write catchy headlines for your emails. The best advice here is to write like you would speak, be yourself, and tell stories.

You MUST be consistent and develop a relationship with your readers. The number one mistake most fit pros make is to use their list to promote programs/sales and also by using a generic news letter that doesn’t allow the reader to get to know them. Be yourself 100% and develop a unique relationship with your readers.

5) Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can be very effective if done correctly. A few ways that we are using them are with promoted posts, and then targeted FB ads, which directs to a squeeze page for a specific program. The more narrow your target the better leads you will receive. Personally I keep my ads focused within 10 miles of my fitness business.

Like any other form of marketing, you should have a set budget for your ads, and make sure to measure your Return on Investment (ROI).


Business success is 100% based on massive action, consistency and hard/smart work. If you are amazing at what you do (which should be step 1) then get out there and TWERK out these lead generations strategies on a consistent basis and watch your fit biz dominate.

Memento Mori,

Monday Motivation: They Told Me I’m Crazy

Hope you’re doing great.

I actually wrote this yesterday and finished it this morning. So this was my Sunday…

I’m at a coffee shop in downtown Seattle by Pike Place writing this and having the rays of sunshine beating down on me. Not bad at all.

I’ve had a busy day with coaching warrior training in the morning, followed by some coaching calls and a photo shoot for a big local project I’m going to be adding to change lives.

After I got done with the shoot I talked to my camera guy and created a strategy that will make his service completely unique, differentiate him, and add tens of thousands of dollars to the bottom line. I love doing that stuff! He has to check in with me next week with everything written out and the first action step done. I even committed to be the first client for this unique offering.

After that it was time for me to get coached.

May not be the type of coaching you think.

I’m talking about what some may say “life coaching,” but I don’t like that term because I ask myself what that really means.

I just look at coaching being something that helps people WIN. That may mean coaching in training, in business, lifestyle, clothing, eating, relationships, etc.

Whatever it is that is holding you back.

I have been developing the skills to really unlock the restrictions in people’s lives (or should I say in their heads too) so that I can have a greater effect in both fitness and business coaching and also help people just straight up change.

Remember, the best coaches also have to know how to be coached themselves.

I’m also pretty crazy and deal with things that hold me back.

I mean, I’m CRAZY! Capital letters, you feel me?!

With that said I decided that I wanted to be coached as well. This is not your typical psychiatrist session but rather a conversation, an interview. There are a lot of questions, no judging, no guiding by the coach to where they instill “their thoughts.”

What this does is create a ton of clarity.

I just got done with the session and wanted to write this because it made me realize what I do for others. It opened my eyes to some things that are holding me back in my personal life and happiness.

The call literally improved my personal well being, gave me clarity and made me aware of what I’m doing along with action steps that will work on changing it.

It gave me steps to improve my happiness.


For real.


Think about it. The goal of life is to be happy. So many times we do all this bullshit thinking that is going to make us happy and we never really dig to see what does make us happy.

Why not just draw  a straight line and travel that path from point A to point B vs. driving this windy road with a broken GPS.

You have to know where you are to know where you’re going though. And coaches can make you realize that. I mean like REALLY know where you are. That is the “magic.”

“I want to be leaner.”


“So that I feel more confident about myself.”

Why is that?

“Because I really like this girl and I will believe in myself more to be able to ask her out.”

What will that do for you?

“I won’t be lonely and will have someone that loves me for me.”

How will you feel then?

“I will be happy!”

You see, everything ends with that.

If you say you want to make more  money…at the end somewhere lies the answer “because I want to be happy.”

So where are you really? What is your point A?

What will truly make you happy? In your business, relationship, your body, etc.?

Don’t run around in circles and “search” for happiness. You won’t find it.

You can create it.

But you have to have clarity first.

What I did today was extremely uncomfortable but it was just what I needed. I have another call next week where I’ll be coaching them.

In the meantime I’m going to do more of what makes me happy. Right now that means going out in the sunshine, looking at the beautiful Puget Sound, and drawing as well as writing some lyrics and other ideas (creative time with me, myself, and I).

Life can be so much better, you can be so much happier. Stop making it hard on yourself, be honest, and get help if you need it.

If you want help with your business (and unlocking your mind, potential, life too) then reply to this email and let’s take the next step.

ONLY if you’re serious and committed to change and you want to be happier.

My purpose is helping people change. I’m not a “fitness coach” or a “business coach”…I’m a create happiness facilitator (that sounds gangsta, quote me on it!).

Memento Mori,

P.S. The question really is do you want to be happier? Do you? We’re here to help, like really help and commit to your change. If you’re serious, reply to this e-mail.

If not, then it’s all good. Maybe sometime later, and that gap will be filled with frustration. That is not for me to decide. Whoever is ready can do it now.

Martin Rooney Interview: Want To Be A Great Coach? You CAN’T Go Without This!

I usually spill my soul out when I write posts.

You know, give you “all of me” and all of that gushy stuff.

Take that how you want to.

Today I’m going to keep it short though.

Saying that makes me cringe and probably has Steve Krebs laughing because he knows that is almost impossible.


It’s going to happen right here, right now.

But it can’t go without a story.

A friend of mine, who we’ll call Igor, came to me and said that he is not getting any referrals even though he used to. He didn’t know what was happening in his business but he knew one thing – he was stuck.

Stuck as far as becoming frustrated and not loving training anymore.

Stuck because his business was struggling since his main stream of leads was from referrals.

Just plain old stuck.

I asked him what he thought it was.

He said: “My clients come in with low energy and they are down and it’s so hard to train them like that.”

I asked him what his energy is like.

He told me its low because his clients’ energy is low and they are unmotivated.

I decided to go check it out because the gym wasn’t that far from me.

When I got there I realized why things were the way they were.

Igor was tired before the clients came in; he looked like it and acted like it. His energy was low and the atmosphere ended up being “aight.”

I let the training run its course and observed. Later on I sat down with him and shared what a mentor taught me a long time ago.

“Igor, you can’t give something you don’t have.”

Your clients are coming in from a rough day with a world of issues and you are the person and your gym is the place that changes that. YOU should be giving them energy. YOU are creating the atmosphere for their change.

Energy exchange. You give it to them!

“But how do I do that if I don’t have it?” Igor asked.

I responded “Act as if, my friend.”

Act as if you were the most successful trainer of group training in the world. Act as if your training was packed and it was off the chain. Act as if your gym has energy like no other. Act as if it’s already where you want it to be.

What should that look like?

Igor got it.

The next day’s training session was different. He acted as if, the energy was different, and everyone felt it. He gave more and everyone got more. He didn’t feel sluggish.

You see, it feeds you too!

It’s a win-win.

And that’s what coaching is about. We help people win in life!

The mentor that taught me this was Martin Rooney. The training and more importantly coaching system is Training for Warriors.

Check out part of my interview with Martin on  becoming a great coach and what you can’t be missing…

If you feel that you are lacking direction and purpose in your training or your business, then check out Martin Rooney’s TFW Online Course as it has been designed to help you understand WHY you do what it is you do and HOW you can make the biggest impact. If you cannot answer those two questions, how can you know in which direction to head?

Our whole team did the TFW level 1 course in May and I can honestly say it has been time spent that has created the most impact, inspired us, and led us to make changes which have directly changed our business. This is real talk and you can shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions about specifics.

Think about how you will train your next client, your next class. What type of energy exchange will you have?

This is something that can help change your business NOW.

Don’t believe me?

Do it for the next 30 days, every day, and then let me know how it didn’t work. Really.

P.S. Registration for TFW course closes today, October 2nd. Don’t miss this opportunity to find your purpose, boost your skills as a coach and take yourself and your business to another level.

Check out the course details and outline here.

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