Feel It Till It’s Real!

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “Fake it till you make it.” I don’t like that one, because I’m all about being REAL!

So I say “Feel it till it’s Real!”

What does that mean?

It means taking actions that are in line with your core values and desired goals. When you are driven by a purpose, there is no way you can fail!

How do you figure out what your core values are? Just write down all the things you stand for. Core Values are much like your beliefs “on Steroids.”

When your actions are in line with your beliefs, you will achieve a sense of happiness through accomplishment and purpose.

I want that feeling for you! I want you to take control of your life, your emotions, and your happiness. You have that power, and the moment you truly realize you have that power within, YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE for the better FOREVER!

Take 30 minutes and write out your core values and post them on your bathroom mirror so you can read them every morning.

That, my friend, is called living with purpose!

Pack Life,

Monday Motivation: Quality Over Quantity

I hope you had a great weekend and you did some cool shizz!

Last week was as busy as can be for me and the best thing I did was take mini breaks throughout the days. I have a hard time doing that because I tend to be in all-out work mode most of the time.

I try to convince myself that it’s me getting more done but the truth is my mind is clearer when I take breaks and I’m more productive after them. Quality over quantity.

A big help is Krebs giving me constant shit about it too.

The breaks don’t have to be long and can consist of different activities; it can just be something to break up the day and help you wooossaaa.

Sunday it was jiu-jitsu for a couple of hours and then my weekly trip to the Russian bath house (a.k.a. my type of spa).

Monday I was drawing for around 45 minutes.

Wednesday I got a pedi. Yes, you heard that right, I had ninja toes and it needed to get taken care of.

Thursday it was the gun range for a couple of hours.

I hope you get the idea.

Do something you love that takes your mind off the other things that are constantly roaming around your brain (training, work, and all the “possibilities” …at least for me). You’ll be more relaxed and ready for the next part of your day.

That’s a tip for you if you’re always on the grind and it’s hard for you to slow down.

But here is the REALITY.

Most people are just not educating themselves enough, putting in the work, hustling hard enough to get what they striving for.

Most are putting in amateur effort and hoping to get professional results.

That is not happening!

I just finished the book “Turning Pro,” by Steven Pressfield (also author of “War of Art,” another great book). If you’re in denial you won’t like it because it spits truth. If you want to get better then read it!

Here is some realness…..

Tuning pro is free, but it’s not easy. When we turn pro we give up a life that we may have become extremely comfortable with. We give up a self that we have come to identify with and to call our own.

Turning pro is free but it demands sacrifice. The passage from amateur to professional is often achieved via an interior odyssey whose trials are survived only at a great cost, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. We pass through a membrane when we turn pro. It’s messy and it’s scary. We tread in blood when we turn pro.

What we get when we turn pro is we find our power. We find our will and our voice and we find self-respect. We become who we always were but had, until then, been afraid to embrace and to live out.

If you’re in this industry and want to just be good, or get by, or you’re in it because it’s “kinda cool” and it’s comfortable, then I don’t have respect for you.

Being a pro at your art is being true to yourself and giving your clients what they deserve, your best. Your best is being pro.

So if you haven’t (and keep it real), then it’s time to turn pro.

When you make the choice and you put action behind those thoughts, watch how things will start changing. You’ll be better, happier, and your business will grow.

Make it happen!

On another note, I watch a video or two every day that gets me AMPED up about training and/or life. Here’s a couple from last week.

You wanna get crazy amped to train, check this out.

Pack Life.

Get Out of Your Own Way in 2013!

Luck is for Leprechauns, and you ain’t green! It’s time to make your own luck!

I guarantee you spent too much of 2012 getting in your own way. Stopping yourself from reaching the goals that you truly wanted.

That feeling of depression, anxiety, and helplessness comes from your subconscious. Because it knows what you really want, and it also knows that YOU are the one who stopped yourself from getting it in 2012.

Well this year WILL be different. This year, 2013 WILL be the year that you stop sabotaging yourself and take the steps/actions necessary to achieve WHAT YOU WANT!

If you notice above, the word WILL is in caps. Because your WILL is what will help you accomplish your goals and dreams. It won’t be luck, and it won’t be sitting around waiting for it to happen. You MUST WILL IT TO HAPPEN!

How do you WILL something to happen?

You get off your ass, make a plan, and then take action with a ferocity that you didn’t know existed.

January 2013 is already in the books; did you take advantage of the past 29 days? Or did you waste them “waiting for something to happen”?

It’s time for you to TAKE what is yours. It’s time for you to MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK in 2013.

Write me and let me know what YOU WILL accomplish in 2013.

Pack Life,

Monday Motivation: Luka has something to say!

Hope you’re doing well.

For real though, I really hope you’re doing well.

As I sat down to write I just wanted to start off by saying that Krebs and I give a fuck about how you are doing. In business. In life.

I love fitness, like, really love it, everything about it (well not everything, not fake people that are in fitness and pretend to be passionate…but more about that later). It’s my purpose and then it’s my passion. It’s where I found myself after basketball.

It CHANGED my life. Basketball and fitness got me out of doing some real bad shit. REAL bad shit. It influenced where I am today, it took me through ups and downs, it made me sacrifice, hurt, struggle, persevere, learn, prevail, and then some. Things you do only if you really love something.

This is not storytelling, this is real (shit, I guess its true story type storytelling then)…

…and because of what it did for me, I know what you do for others. And because it’s my purpose, I really want you to succeed because it means you can help more people. The more successful you are, the more reach you have, and the more lives you can touch.

It makes me think about how someone may be where I was and you can help pull them out of the negative to live a greater life. More confident. More fulfilling. More purposeful. Happier.

Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Yeah, we train people…but we do so much more. We help change so much more than just the body. You know it because you’ve seen it so many times.

I’m writing today because I see too many people taking it for granted.

What? you may ask.

The fact that what we do for a living can, and does, make such a change in others. It’s such a fulfilling art (I’m not going to call it a job or an industry…and if you do then you may be in the wrong place) as it helps others and helps us because of the giving nature that makes us happier. But we take it for granted as we sometimes forget how grateful we should be to be doing what we are doing. And we should give it our best effort because it deserves that.

Don’t cheat the art by giving it “kind of” effort or just a “good” effort. Respect the art and give it your all!

It deserves that. The clients you serve deserve that. YOU deserve that!

And this is where you have to step in front of the mirror and look at yourself and answer that question. Are you cheating the art, are you cheating yourself of giving it your all?

Do you study nutrition, training, psychology, self development to help yourself and others? Really? What’s the last book you read? DVD you watched? Seminar or mastermind you attended? Workshop you went to or mentor you paid to teach you to be better at your art?

Are you training hard and walking the talk? Do you have a training group or a support group that pushes you and makes you better? Have you set out some goals for your training? Why would someone invest in you when you are not living what you preach and you don’t feel it’s necessary in your own health? Are you in the absolute best shape you’ve ever been in and don’t need to improve? Then why are you not seeking help (think about what your prospects think about)?

Are you leading by example and inspiring? Not just through training that I mentioned above, but all the actions that you take? Are you living your core values? Do you even have core values written down (and I’m not talking about “borrowing” them from some other guru because they sound good)?

When is the last time you improved customer service and the “experience” in your business? Do you group think with your team to find out what would benefit the members? Do you do surveys to find out what the members want?

Do you communicate with your clients and write great content in newsletters, blogs and on Facebook? Not generic shit but real world info that helps them both with knowledge bombs, but also representing your personality and motivating and inspiring them. Leading from the front while being your unique self! You can’t do “done-for-you” using other people’s personality (I take that back, I see people doing it ALL the time, what I meant to say is it doesn’t work and will make you lose respect!)

NOTE: To provide great info you have to research, study, implement, fail, write about experiences you’ve actually gone through. You have to get better and take action! Can’t fake it….

You are coaching and mentoring your clients but do you get coaching and mentoring for yourself whether it is for training, business, life, relationships (where do you need it)?

I could keep going but I hope you get what I’m talking about.

And we can’t just do all the above all at once, all the time. But we do need to continuously improve and get better.

Otherwise we’re cheating the art, our clients, and most importantly ourselves!

I think we consistently forget that we only have one life to live. ONE.

No replays, no second time around, no rewinding or going back to correct shit. We live and we learn. But so many people float through life not living it to the fullest.

One of the things I keep remind myself about is “Memento Mori”…remembering my mortality…every day could be our last. I don’t say that in a depressing way but rather with a realization that we should give it everything.

Dedicate ourselves to our art and our purpose, train hard and be in the best physical shape we can, so we can then enjoy life and feel great. Do things on your bucket list and do them often, from small to big. Cherish the time you spend with your loved ones and do it as often as possible as those are the things that make life. Put people and experiences before things.

Be great at your art and really give it everything you have. Keep learning and implementing, taking action.

Create a legacy, something that will be felt and remembered after you are gone. Maybe it will be how you inspired someone and that person will pay it forward.

But it isn’t going to happen by putting in an average, decent, or good amount of effort. It will only happen if you give it your all.

How much effort you put in is between you and you. And only you can answer whether you gave it your all!

On that note, let me leave you with a book recommendation and a video.

The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone. Just get it and read it. Trust.

And when in doubt watch a motivational video to start off the week to fire you up.

We just made our own! :)

Pack Life,

P.S. The key is to get up EVERY morning and do this, because it’s your purpose, because it’s your way of life. But for now, let’s just start with today.

The True “Secret” to Success

What up Pack?!

Every person goes through trials and tribulations in life…and it is how you react to those sucky moments in life that define who you are and what you accomplish.

I call life “the beautiful struggle” because it can be a bitch.

I think life for us fellas is exactly like a relationship with a beautiful woman; it can be the greatest thing in the world one minute and the next it can make you feel like you are stuck in the bottom of a deep dark hole.

When I first began my business I was in an F’ed up relationship…I mean this shit went on for like 4 1/2 years. Back and forth. This girl had me TWISTED UP, my business almost failed right out of the gate, because my priorities were way out of whack.

There is nothing like being with a beautiful woman…and some of us like the crazy ones!

Each one of us is self-destructive in our own way. Some people use drugs and alcohol, others are addicted to food, and some of us just like to invite negativity into our lives.

The true secret of happiness and success is NOT how much money you make. The true secret is admitting that you are worth the happiness, and you deserve success. Then all you have to do is be willing to hustle your ass off for both. Because nothing good ever comes from laziness.

Seek out the positive, and avoid negative people like the plague, especially that one beautiful woman (or man) that is toxic to your life.

Live the Pack Life:


Enjoy the Beautiful Struggle that is life, and don’t waste another second around people that don’t deserve it.

Pack Life,

P.S. If you want true support and accountability then apply to join the PACK coaching group. Just reply back to me at steve@thepackfitnessbusiness.com.
Our crew is absolutely crushing! Some trainers will never take the next step toward greatness; I know you aren’t one of “those” guys…

Monday Motivation: Krebsi Edition

“Everything depends on your state of mind and how you view the world. A shift of perspective can transform passive and confused into a MOTIVATED and CREATIVE fighter.”

Life is a beautiful struggle. We all have ebbs and flows, good and bad, victories and defeats. It’s how we react to these things that defines who you are, and what type of life you will have.

It’s easy to quit.
It’s easy to make excuses.
It’s easy to live reactively and point your finger at all the reasons that you didn’t succeed.

But I know that isn’t you.

You are a FIGHTER.

You are A HUSTLER!

Check out what I wrote last week:

“The Lost Art of the HUSTLE”

“Everyone wants to win, everyone wants to be on top,
everyone wants to be rich and successful.
What separates want and achieve is action.
Action is THE HUSTLE.
HUSTLE can’t be taught or bought, it comes from within.
It’s a fire that can’t be extinguished.
A habit that is never relinquished.
The HUSTLE is what separates good from GREAT.
The Hustle never quits…”

The question is ARE YOU A HUSTLER?

Luka and I only surround ourselves with hustlers. People who push us to be better every single day.

Motivation shouldn’t be something that comes and goes, it should be in your mind every day.

I learned an amazing exercise from one of my mentors, Paul Reddick. Take out your cell phone and put the person/people you care about most in the world as your background. Every morning when you wake up, the first thing you will do is look at that picture and promise them that:

*You WILL do whatever it takes to provide for them.
*You WILL love and respect them with every action you take.
*You WILL achieve your goals for THEM.

IF that doesn’t get you motivated, then unsubscribe from the Pack; you aren’t cut out for this.

Because that exercise will provide you lasting motivation, drive, and your WHY.

Pack Life,

The Secret to Success, Pack Style


It’s already January 16th! Time flies and we want to make sure you are not wasting any time.

Time management and prioritizing tasks are two things that I think ALL of us trainers need help with.

Back when I first opened my 1st facility I remember doing EVERYTHING all by myself. I wore every single hat imaginable… I was the trainer, the accountant, the admin, the front desk, the cleaning crew, and much more.

I know you have done the same damn thing!

The problem is we get so used to doing everything to work in our businesses, we don’t have time to work ON them.

This is where prioritizing tasks and managing your time the right way comes in handy.

This is the most simple technique EVER for getting shit done:

Take an index card and write the 3 biggest ROI activities that ONLY YOU can accomplish for that day. Don’t go to bed until you get that shit done. Yup, pretty simple.

To get the most out of each day, I always prioritize my daily tasks into things I have to do and things I can delegate. The Next Step in productivity is setting up the proper team and support system so that you can delegate and know that it will get done the right way.

Everyone is looking for the next best productivity magic tip. Sorry to say, there isn’t one. Plan, Prioritize, and Delegate. (If you don’t have an assistant yet, get one before you even hire another trainer-trust me on this one).

If you need help with growing your fitness business, time management, staffing, or anything else Luka and I are offering 5 people a 15 minute coaching call.

Don’t sleep on it!

Take advantage of this and take the next step to grow your business, so that you can spend time with the people that matter.

Pack Life,

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