Resist Average Podcast featuring Luka Hocevar: How To Create A Fitness Business That Becomes A Movement and Leaves a Legacy; Regardless of Setbacks, Downfalls and Struggle

Luka Hocevar
A couple of weeks I did a podcast with Tommy Baker on the Resist Average Academy and it turned into some serious FIRE!

If you’re in a place where you are committed to creating something special that affects a community, city, state or even the world while loving what you do and providing the best for your family and yourself, and yet you’re overwhelmed, you’ve struggled, you’ve had setbacks, then you MUST listen to this.



This is straight from the Resist Average Academy page and we cover:

  • Luka’s vision for Vigor and how it inspires him to wake up daily
  • Creating a community to create better human beings
  • Playing pro basketball and falling in love with training
  • Building his first gym in Slovenia to success 10 years later
  • Luka’s journey to the U.S. and starting from scratch
  • Telling the truth about what it takes to succeed
  • Being humble enough to ask for help
  • Why lead generation isn’t your #1 issue
  • Harnessing radical self awareness and admitting you suck
  • Taking 100% responsibility for rapid change and growth
  • Creating your business values the right way
  • The power of living by a code and making it public
  • Curiosity as a core value and the constant pursuit of learning
  • The 3 things that tell the world your true commitment
  • Time management vs. time efficiency as life gets busier
  • Why doing activities that restore you is crucial to your daily focus
  • Increasing your daily deep work for maximum results
  • To be balanced is to be unbalanced
  • Luka’s insane travel schedule and his passion for living, learning and connecting
  • Whatever you love doing, make sure you are also being there 100%


Wherever you are, remember that your obstacles are your opportunities for growth.


Your scars (physical, emotional, financial…) are the foundation for your success story. I call them the scars of Kings and Queens.


Your mess is your message.

Don’t hide it, let it fuel you, put it out there, and embrace the struggles for without them you’d never push to be the best version of yourself.

Your business will only grow as much as you do, so constant expansion is not only the name of the game for your own personal fulfillment but also for the greatest version of your business as it is a reflection of you.

To find out if working with Luka and Steve and the Pack Family is the right fit, fill out the application form for a Discovery and Success Call HERE (or click the banner below).


Get. Keep. Grow: What Fitness Business Owners Are Not Paying Attention To (That Is Crushing Their Future)?

This is only a 4 minute read and if you don’t feel like it then you can just watch the short video that breaks it down…but what is not a good idea, is skipping what I’m about to say.


Because it’s important.

It’s THAT important!

I’ve seen too many fit pro’s suffer from not understanding this and I was once oblivious to this too, which really took me steps back and kept me with empty pockets.

Ok….if you’re still with me and watching more than the video.

I had to write this as it seems to elude so many fitness professionals and truth be told it’s something that I struggled with in my younger years (thankfully I messed up fast and learned fast).

What am I talking about?




Huh Luka?!”

The World

What I’m talking about is Getting (or creating) money, Keeping your money, Growing your money. Feel free to substitute your money with your fitness businesses money.

You may be thinking that those all fall under the same skill-set. You’d be wrong!

Those are all separate skill-sets.

To get or create money I believe you have to great at what you do (coaching), get results, be likeable, and in general do things that great coaches do, while also knowing how to sell (and market to if you want that to be predictable and sustainable).

Now that in it-self is no small feat since the majority of small businesses shut down within the first year. Actually, did you know that out of 28 million small businesses in the U.S. 97% make no more than $250k?

And over half of them make just around $25k year, pretty much making it a hobby and soon shutting down.

The reason I say that is to show that knowing how to Get Paid is elusive in it-self, and then there are two other components.

To make it simple, getting paid means you have to be good at the following:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Fulfillment (delivering the product/service/results)
  • Systems/Automation
  • Coaching/Leadership (because this is the part where you build a team)

^^ Which we teach in our exclusive Pack Fitness Business Syndicate (click here to find out how to become a part of it)

To Keep the money you have to understand how things work from taxes, savings, deductibles, payroll, etc. and more than anything, the big picture – keeping more than you spend (both in personal life as well as in your business). When you make more, you should be keeping more!

This is a foundational skill-set that many business owners skip and can be put you into a constant state of stress, since no matter what you bring in, you never seem to keep anything – this causes a perpetual cycle of scarcity.

And then the last part of this equation – Grow. This is what creates prosperity in your life.

Growing is understand when and how to invest in yourself, your business and your family (which should be your #1 investments), as well as at the right time allocating money into places that compound and grow what you keep, from new business ventures (usually in association with your genius and skill-sets), to whole life insurance, real estate investments, stocks, etc.

Knowing what to do when, and what’s best for YOU at that point in time is a huge skill-set, one that can be learned and through experience, or like anything else, getting helped and coached on so you don’t make all the mistakes on the way.

It may seem a lot.

And it is, but it’s not only worth it, it’s a MUST.

To build prosperity, the vision that is your optimal fitness business/life, and stop living in scarcity, just hustling, being exhausted by feeling like you can never step away – you must CHOOSE to take ownership of all these and not ignore and avoid them because they’re hard, or more work. Take action and take control of your future.

If you feel compelled to learn and have accountability in all areas then find out how you can become part of the Fitness Business Syndicate by clicking HERE or the image below.


How To Go From Broke To Building Your Dream Fitness Business While Owning Your Own Real Estate (The No B.S. Version)


A couple of weeks ago I shot a podcast with Gregory Bradley on the Fitness Business Experience and it turned into over an hour of some really deep conversation on…

  • Opening a functional training gym in a country where no one made in personal training (you had to have a full time job and PT was a side hustle)
  • What it REALLY takes to succeed (not just in fitness business but the characteristics for anyone, anywhere)
  • The difference between coaching and the business of coaching and why not focusing on one of those can crush your business even if you are great at the other
  • Why the marketplace is easier to get into than ever BUT harder to stay in than ever (just like fat loss, easy to lose weight, hard to keep it off)
  • What you MUST pay attention to moving forward; not doing it can be the end of your fitness business, but if you apply it consistently then you will not only survive but thrive in your local area
  • Are you really built for running a fitness business? There’s many ways to be successful in the industry besides having your own gym (confessions of a facility owner)
  • And much much more…

Don’t miss the Real, Raw and Relevant that most won’t share about running a gym.

Podcast: Play in a new windowDownload


Take Your Fitness Business To The Next Level With This Simple Addition

When you go to the airport, would you rather sit in economy or in business class?

What about first class?

I’m sure that we’d all prefer to be in first class. Even if you can’t get it yet you strive to be able to do it because it gets you the best “results”.

Those results may be….

Restful sleep so you are ready to go wherever you land.

High speed internet so you get work done that makes you money while you’re flying.

No stress in middle crowded seat and no back pain because you could lay-down.

Delicious food and drink rather than microwave meals.

I could go on but I hope I gave some of the main ones (for me at least).

Some people may never be able to afford it but some will. And some will take business class, while others will take extended legroom and possibly a clear pass that gets them through the lines faster.

What if the airlines didn’t offer that? How would it affect the client experience and the revenue of the company? Wouldn’t certain people never fly with them again since they didn’t offer that high(est) level of service?

If there was no limit on budget and resources then you’d definitely take first class wouldn’t you?

Why don’t we do the same in fitness business?

Why do so many resort to being the “cheap airline carrier” and not offer more?

If I asked you what is the ultimate result you can get for your client and if there was no restrictions, what would you offer them, what would it be?

Just group training?

What about nutrition coaching and working on lifestyle habits?

What about semi-private personal training with assessments, customized programs and tests?

What about accountability software and forms and more access to you through different mediums?


How would you create the ultimate result and experience for your client, if there were no restrictions?

Considering what you offer right now, how big of a gap is there between that ultimate service and what you are doing right now?

Watch this video as I explain this in more depth…

Get clear on who you want to serve and exactly what type of results you want them to achieve. What is their ultimate transformation.

As I mentioned in the video, Russell Brunson taught me about the “Secret Formula” where you break down…

Who? – Who is your ideal client? Their frustrations, what keeps them up at night, what are their dreams and desire’s? Think like you’re talking to one person whenever you write, do video, market.

Where? – Where you can you find them? Whether its online of offline. What newsletters do they subscribe to, what blogs they read, what magazine subscriptions do they have, where do they eat, what are their hobbies,…?

Bait? – This is going to be something that will help them solve ONE problem that they currently have (usually BIG problems consist of a number smaller problems – > your bait can solve that problem for them), whether that is in the form of a trial, ebook, seminar, webinar, video course, etc.

Where? (Result) – Where are you taking them? What is the ultimate result that you want them to achieve? Write it out and make it clear. Then also write out the ultimate program that will best help them get there. Are you running that program right now?

You see even though you know that there is more you can do to help your clients, you may not be. And it’s doing two things:

  1. Taking away the opportunity for your clients to get better results and a better experience (it’s what we ultimately want for them!)
  1. Reducing our capability of earning more income

If you look at the lowest offering you have right now and then write out the ultimate program you can offer there’s a clear picture:



Team Training         Small Group PT           Semi-Private PT           “Ultimate Program”


The “Ultimate Program” can be a combination of many different things and its based on the skill-sets you can provide to your clients.

So, do you have “ascension” in your business? Where you are offering different levels of:

  • Experience
  • Accountability
  • Access
  • Association

Which in turn deliver better RESULTS!

Time to level up the experience and results for your clients and create an opportunity to fly first class with your programs.

If you’re committed to creating higher levels of experience for your fitness business and building high end programs along with coaching on sales, marketing, fulfillment and automation so you can build a true business that you love and provides for your family; that also is also predictable and sustainable, then fill out the application form to get on a Discovery Call with Steve and myself.

7 Guaranteed Ways to Go Out of Business This Year

It’s easy to talk about ‘the dream’…

So many clients flowing into your facility that you have to hire five new coaches, a new admin, and the best part You NEVER have to work again….

This is the pile of shit idea that has been pushed in our industry by ‘GURUZ’ who have never actually done it.

It would be like an obese trainer giving advice on how to get ‘show ready’… it simply doesn’t make sense.

I Call Bullshit.

The fact is there is an insane amount of advice out there on how to succeed, but rarely do you see the opposite side of the coin.

How to fail.

You see bromigo, the punches that knock you the fuck out are the ones you don’t see coming.

So here is a small list of all the ways that your business can easily get F’ed Up and fast.

Gyms are opening and closing at an alarming rate.

20% of all gyms lose every year.

If that doesn’t make you soil your undies, I don’t know what will.

We all worry so much about what your competition is doing that you lose focus on what could actually take your businesses down….


So without further adieu….

Think of this as your “To Don’t List”


Uncle Stevie’s 7 Guaranteed Ways to Go Out of Business This Year:

1. Focus only on LEAD GEN.
It doesn’t matter how many leads you generate if you can’t retain them. So many marketers have jumped on the fitness bandwagon, and although they may be able to help you generate a few leads here and there, what advice can they offer on actually providing an amazing service and getting results for your clients?

Simple answer?They can’t, because most of them should be hiring you to get their soft asses in shape.

To survive you MUST build an amazing experience, consistent results with a healthy dose of accountability. Otherwise you will get stuck in the Lead Gen circle of death… Get lead, lose lead, need more leads.


2. Worry about your staff/team stealing clients. So you don’t develop them.
This is a self-fulfilling prophecy in most fitness businesses. You are paranoid, so you only teach your team ‘just enough’… you forget to show them appreciation and so sooner or later they leave. And when they do, they take half of your clients with them. What would happen if you actually INVESTED in them?


3. Attempt to Systemize yourself out of the business too soon.
Empires are built on solid foundations. If you try to skip this step, everything will crumble and fast. If you pull yourself out too soon, problems will arise guaranteed. The truth is, your clients are always going to want to see your face.


4. Un-mastered.
The biggest mistake I see inside of this industry is coaches who have not mastered, wait for it…… coaching. If you cannot get consistent results for your clients in a safe training environment then you My friend are not a master.


5. Celebrate Mediocrity.
You would be amazed at how many times I have heard, “I would be happy if I could just make (insert shitty income here)”. Playing small will get you small results, period.


6. Avoid the numbers.
The fastest way to go out of business is to avoid running one. If you don’t know all of your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) right now, then you are playing business not running one. If you don’t know what KPI’s are, then scoop up your copy of The Fitness Business Mix tape here.


7. Listen to people who have never done it.
The man with experience will never be at the mercy of the man with theory. It’s easy to regurgitate ideas and theories. Anyone can do that. Experience is gained battling in the trenches. So many small details are missed by “coaches” who have never actually done it. Be careful who you surround yourself with, Real recognize real.


Now that you know exactly how to go out of business, you can avoid these common pitfalls of the fitness business game.





One Of The Main Reasons Your Fitness Business Will Fail In The Next 5 Years

No I haven’t gone all “gloomy” on you.

I’m just keeping it real.

I wanted to share and give insight in what is happening in the fitness industry and how if you don’t change it can be crushing to your fitness business – but at the same token, if DO change and implement what I’m talking about you will not only get clients better results, position yourself as the fitness business expert that can get sustainable lifestyle transformations rather than short term “quick fixes” – and have a foundation to scale your business big time.   

I Love Marketing                    

I love marketing and sales, they’re a MUST to build a predictable and sustainable business, but all the best tactics and strategies will not help if we’re building it on top of a model that at the foundation can’t help people with get results that are sustainable.

A lot of the services being sold today are like a scam where clients are getting set up to fail down the road because of the unproven methods being used along with not taking into account human psychology, what creates bad habits, etc.

A ponzi scheme where at the beginning people are happy with their return on investment (weight loss, etc.) and everything seems great; only to later lose their results and find out it didn’t work.     


What’s worse is that most people will blame and beat themselves up because they didn’t succeed with the “program” rather than seeing that the approach didn’t work.

Many times the people running the fitness business just didn’t know what they didn’t know. No bad intentions. But the results are the same regardless.

So what is this missing link you MUST build to dominate with your fitness business.

….drum roll….


If you’re saying “Duh” then listen in on what I’m talking about…


Having the skill-set to help anyone by meeting them where they are at (not where you want them to be to make it easiest), coaching them to the answers they have hidden inside, helping them become aware/conscious and understand why they do what they do then giving them the RIGHT “next step” rather than all the steps (and overwhelming them), having compassion, listening, adjusting, adapting, keeping your judgments out of the way (and much more)….

….this is the future of transformation fitness businesses.

Combine that with a powerful message/vision and marketing, sales and systems that create a predictable and sustainable way to scale a business you love, is very profitable and also creates the lifestyle and means to do and support everything else you want to do.

That, as my friend Aubrey Marcus says, is for the “good of all.”

If you are committed to be on the winning and dominating end of fitness business this next year but feel like you’re stuck, unclear, and don’t know what to do “next” then fill out the form below for a Discovery Session with Steve or myself to break through where you are at and find out if moving forward makes sense.


Monday Motivation: Change the game; Don’t let the game change you

Hope you’re doing great.

I’m stuck in Syracuse as the weather in connecting airports was crappy and I couldn’t fly out. Just means I get to write and read more, then fly out in the a.m.

I was out and about this week visiting Krebsi to work on projects as well as visiting Cressey Performance, training there, and hanging out with the Cresseys. Our last stop was Boston for the Travis Jones seminar and meeting to finalize something that can be only described as……epic (imagine the dramatic pause before I said it).

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Monday Motivation: I have to ask you this question (the Pack in NY and Boston)

Hope you’re doing great.

I’m kind of pulling an all nighter here as I’m staying with Krebsi in Utica. Not optimal but sometimes you have to do what you have to do and there was a lot of writing and projects to get done and “shipped” as Seth Godin likes to say.

I will keep this short but hopefully eye opening.

So let’s start with that question…

How much massive good will and content are you putting out there and showing that you are not only the expert but unique in what you do?

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Stop Doing This Now!

There is no need for a co-signer when it comes to your success.

The fact of the matter is NOBODY OWES YOU ANYTHING. You have to be more invested in your dream than anyone else. The only person that owes you anything is YOU.

It doesn’t take money to become successful…it takes 2 things:

1. Energy
2. Effort

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