Work Less, Help More People, Make More Money

Did that get your attention?

It’s all about the headline so I hope that shit worked, damn it!  Or I’m getting my refund from Dan Kennedy.

Truth is, the following advice will do all of the above; it’s just that you will have already put in a lot of work to get to the point where you can leverage what you have done.

What I’m talking about is leveraging things that you have had success with in your business, and providing them to a market that is in need of them. This can be training- or business-related.

Check out my thoughts while sipping on some Spike late at night.

Look at your business and ask yourself what you have been really successful at and if it’s something you can replicate for others to do (follow along). Then put yourself in your customer’s shoes, whether it’s a person wanting to lose body fat who works out at home, or a gym or a fitness business owner. Now think about what they would want that you can offer them in a done for them system.

You may already have a number of resources that could become very useful products and help many people, just by going into your systems and programs and really making them easy for the end-user to apply and get results.

If you have a 6-week transformation contest that continually gets amazing results, why not package everything you do with your clients, from mindset, nutrition, and training to recovery, and make it a manual? Or maybe even an online program on a membership site?

You could take this same transformation contest package and teach other trainers how to run it in their gyms. You could give them all the materials and make it simple for them to put in their logo, and shoot video tutorials on step-by-step actions so it is easy for them to implement. It shouldn’t be that difficult for you; you’ve already done it!

If you have systems that help you run your fitness business smoothly when you’re there or when you’re away, then it’s almost your duty to package and help other fitness professionals out, as well as get rewarded for it.

Maybe you work with athletes and have amazing results with basketball players and you have created a system of training that’s transformed players from good to great. Many basketball players around the world could use this, not to mention coaches or strength coaches that are in need of a great system that works. So get it out there!

If leveraging the programs, services and systems you have created isn’t on the top of your priority list, then that is fine and I’m not judging as I can be honest and say I fell completely off the online map for 2 years while building my training business and growing my gym. But when I look back I wish I had put everything that I created and that was successful in my business into a system that someone else could use right away. This helps when you have to teach your trainers/staff on running your systems, and it can also be leveraged as a product for others.

Reminding you that without DOING, ain’t shit happening!

Just some ideas of what you could package and what we’ll be providing because of the success of our programs:

  1. 6 and 8 week Transformation Contest Blueprint
  2. Luka’s Fast and Furious Get Lean in 19 Program (Facebook/Online program)
  3. Vigor Ground Incubator – 29 Days to a Complete Body and Mind Transformation
  4. Vigor Strength Camp and Vigor Warrior Training
  5. Vigor Ground Operations Systems
  6. Building an Unstoppable Fitness Team
  7. Creating an Integrated Wellness Facility (Training, Nutrition, Rehab/Chiro/ART, Supplementation)
  8. Changing The World Starting in Your Gym – Charity Boot Camps
  9. Starting An Athlete Program in a Boot Camp Business
  10. Get Humassive in 30 Days – How to Put on 10 Lbs of Muscle in 30 Days

I could keep going, but I hope you get the idea from all of the different examples. What have you done that is effective, successful, and that you can prove gets results (this could be before and after pictures and testimonials or proving that a program generated a certain amount of revenue on the front end, brought in a certain amount of leads, or the amount of people you were able to convert from the program into regular members)? Then it should be packaged as a program to sell in the future, while in the present it will help everyone on your team apply it.

Make it easier on yourself by doing the work as you go along and then leveraging it all in the future to help out others as well as generate an extra income stream for yourself.

So, what are you great at?

WARNING: Do not put out bullshit! There is more than enough of it out there. Put out your best programs and services – those that you are proud of and you busted your ass to make great. I’m all about being rewarded for your work, but first and foremost you have to make sure that you are providing an incredible value to people. Just like you wouldn’t do a half-assed job training your clients and helping them out, you shouldn’t put out anything less than your best with an online product or service.