One Of The Main Reasons Your Fitness Business Will Fail In The Next 5 Years

No I haven’t gone all “gloomy” on you.

I’m just keeping it real.

I wanted to share and give insight in what is happening in the fitness industry and how if you don’t change it can be crushing to your fitness business – but at the same token, if DO change and implement what I’m talking about you will not only get clients better results, position yourself as the fitness business expert that can get sustainable lifestyle transformations rather than short term “quick fixes” – and have a foundation to scale your business big time.   

I Love Marketing                    

I love marketing and sales, they’re a MUST to build a predictable and sustainable business, but all the best tactics and strategies will not help if we’re building it on top of a model that at the foundation can’t help people with get results that are sustainable.

A lot of the services being sold today are like a scam where clients are getting set up to fail down the road because of the unproven methods being used along with not taking into account human psychology, what creates bad habits, etc.

A ponzi scheme where at the beginning people are happy with their return on investment (weight loss, etc.) and everything seems great; only to later lose their results and find out it didn’t work.     


What’s worse is that most people will blame and beat themselves up because they didn’t succeed with the “program” rather than seeing that the approach didn’t work.

Many times the people running the fitness business just didn’t know what they didn’t know. No bad intentions. But the results are the same regardless.

So what is this missing link you MUST build to dominate with your fitness business.

….drum roll….


If you’re saying “Duh” then listen in on what I’m talking about…


Having the skill-set to help anyone by meeting them where they are at (not where you want them to be to make it easiest), coaching them to the answers they have hidden inside, helping them become aware/conscious and understand why they do what they do then giving them the RIGHT “next step” rather than all the steps (and overwhelming them), having compassion, listening, adjusting, adapting, keeping your judgments out of the way (and much more)….

….this is the future of transformation fitness businesses.

Combine that with a powerful message/vision and marketing, sales and systems that create a predictable and sustainable way to scale a business you love, is very profitable and also creates the lifestyle and means to do and support everything else you want to do.

That, as my friend Aubrey Marcus says, is for the “good of all.”

If you are committed to be on the winning and dominating end of fitness business this next year but feel like you’re stuck, unclear, and don’t know what to do “next” then fill out the form below for a Discovery Session with Steve or myself to break through where you are at and find out if moving forward makes sense.