Warriors Lead From The Front

On Being A Warrior…

Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn’t even be there,
Eighty are just targets,
Nine are real fighters, and we are lucky to have them,
For they make the battle.
Ah, but the one,
One is a warrior,
And he will bring the others back.
– Heraclitus


I believe in those words so much that not only do they cover the wall at my gym, but I am having the tattoo on my rib cage completed real soon as well.

What does it mean to you?

I actually want you to think about what it makes you think about and feel when you read it.

What it means to me is purpose, heart, being relentless, never giving up, and inspiring.

Stay with me for a bit….

I see more and more of fitness being about manipulation, whether through price, promotions, fear, peer pressure, aspirations, or novelty.

Now, I’m not saying I do not use some of these things in the marketing of Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance, as it is a means to get people to experience what we are about. But the underlying message of our WHY is what will always prove that even that style of “marketing” is applied for the right reasons. More and more I see fitness professionals falling into the trap that they cannot be successful without the latest sales and marketing techniques, SEO strategies, and anything else new that will generate revenue fast. These strategies work and they generate revenue through sales and bring people in the door, but they won’t keep them there.

We need to remember WHY we got into fitness in the first place. What is our why? Then, when you figure that out and can actually answer it, can you say that you are living it, breathing it?

In the book “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek, he talks about something called the Celery Test. Essentially it describes how we take advice from different people that have had success in (or outside) of our industry, whether we get it from info products, or coaching conferences/seminars. Because of their success, we feel like we should also implement these strategies into our businesses, as it will do the same for us. So we work on the HOW and the WHAT.

In the Celery Test example (exchange the “foods” with strategies you hear all the time), others tell us that we need M&Ms in our company, some say we should get Oreos, some say that almond milk is the answer, and others say that celery is the ultimate solution. So you buy into all of it and go shopping for food, spend a bunch of time and money, and arrive at checkout with all of these “foods.” The problem is, that if someone were to try to figure out what you are about, they couldn’t tell because you have all these different foods in front of you. You didn’t ask yourself the WHY before you went to the grocery store. Because if your WHY is to live a healthy lifestyle and be fit, then what would be in front of you would be the celery and the almond milk. And when you told people your beliefs, it would be hard to take you seriously if you have M&Ms and Oreos in front of you.

I hope that sheds some light on the Celery Test. More importantly, have you looked deep inside to find your WHY? If you know your WHY, then are you doing WHAT proves those beliefs or are you presenting all types of different foods at the counter?

When you consistently do the WHAT and HOW that proves your WHY, you will attract people that believe the same, and you will also build loyalty rather than just manipulating people and working on the “quick fix.”

This brings me back to the quote on Being A Warrior and inspiring.

When you do the HOW and the WHAT that speaks to your WHY on a consistent basis, you inspire rather than manipulate.

The true warrior inspires the others to come back (or begin!) with his actions, beliefs, heart, and dedication!

Are you consistently speaking your WHY through HOW and WHAT you do? Are you living it and breathing it in a way that inspires people and connects them to your business?

I’m far from perfect and I make mistakes but I live my WHY on a daily basis.

I believe in the fitness lifestyle, training hard, and eating right, not only because of what it does for you physically but also what it does for your mindset, your social life, and building a bond with a community. Because I believe in that, I eat healthy and in alignment with my goals and I train 5-6 days a week, in a way that I preach and believe in.











I believe in constant never-ending growth and improvement, and that we do not find happiness in the achievement of our goals but in moving toward them (the journey). I implement this in my life by making sure that the Luka Hocevar whose head hits the pillow at night is different, better, than the Luka Hocevar that got up this morning (even if in the smallest of ways). As long as I am growing and/or pursuing growth, I am adding to my happiness.

A big part of my growth and a big WHY in my life, includes helping others to grow as well. I work on this by sharing my knowledge and skill, my story and experiences in a way that helps others to change for the better and live their greatest versions of what they envision their lives being.

So I am relentless about always learning by reading, studying, experimenting, attending masterminds and conferences, and by coaching. I travel around the world to become the best I can at my skills and connect with people that are better than me, or more fulfilled in some area of life.

The only way I can help others if I help myself to become better at all the things I am teaching/coaching, and if I live them myself.

That is why we built Vigor Ground. In the dictionary, Vigor is defined as:

  1. Physical or mental strength, energy, or force.
  2. The capacity for natural growth and survival
  3. Strong feeling; enthusiasm or intensity.

That is why, at Vigor Ground, it is our mission to help people grow physically and mentally, and with it, become better, happier people who enjoy and embrace life.









I believe in building from the ground up, putting in time, blood, sweat, and tears to put together a TEAM that will look in the same direction as me and understand that the vision is bigger than all of us. Understand that you are only as strong as your weakest link, so we always strive to improve and grow together. Since fulfilling our potential is the goal, I no longer compare us to the competition; I don’t even compare ourselves to greatness. Rather I choose to compare us to “the unicorn” – that perfection that doesn’t exist. This makes the journey the challenge, and continuous growth a habit.








I choose to have a close relationship with my team and to care about them beyond what happens in the business. I care about what happens in their lives. Even though gurus in books say it’s not the best way for business;,it is who I am and it’s our way.  I lead while being imperfect, and I learn and grow and fail forward when I make mistakes. Because Vigor Ground is me, it’s us and it’s the only way we will make this vision be authentic.

I believe in being a Go Giver and using my skills and gifts to give to others that are less fortunate and in need. More importantly, I like inspiring others to see that they can make a change too. When many, many small ripples combine, they can create a wave that creates a big change. Our boot camps for a cause started ripples, which are now continuing by other members taking action, not to mention fitness professionals that have observed what we are doing. At Vigor, we want to continue doing more and more as there should be no limit to making a change for others/the world, which is why we will be connecting with a cause even when every new member signs up, as it will mean that our growth will also be a catalyst for making a bigger change for others.











I believe in Vigor Ground not only being a place where we deliver the best real world results and transformations, anywhere, but in going far beyond that and creating a community where our family (yes, it is our VG family!) knows we are there to help, support, inspire, and cheer on their goals and dreams. It’s a place of no judgment, positive atmosphere, and electric energy, where everyone wants members of the family to do better! Vigor Ground is not just about body transformations; it’s about life transformations.


I believe in “Memento Mori,” remembering my mortality, and because of it, choosing to live every day to the fullest, whether it be changing lives, doing something significant that creates positive change in myself or others, living my dreams and creating experiences (over getting “things”) like traveling, learning, ticking things of my bucket/life list, thinking bigger so I can make even more of an impact on this world. You leave this earth with what you etched into history, what you will be remembered for, and the memories of your life. Make sure you smile bigger than ever when you are lying there looking back on your life, because it was grand!

Understand that every day is not sunshine and rainbows, and that there are bad days and sad days, and living through them is a part of life, and we have to accept them and know that, without those, all the great experiences and feelings wouldn’t be what they are. Also remember the toughest times make us who we are, and without them we might not be able to reach higher.

Luka standing in front of a racecar.



















I believe in studying and learning from others, but at the end of the day, in treading my own path and not following. I realize I’ll never be happy living someone else’s dream. We have to fight for our dreams to become a reality, go through a lot of hardship and learn to become comfortable with the uncomfortable many times. But to say it is worth it is beyond an understatement, as living the life of quiet desperation, the life of “what if” and “if only I could,” is being alive…but it’s not living.

I hope you see and feel my thoughts. My beliefs are my WHY and I show them through HOW and WHAT I do, what the Vigor Ground team does. We are not perfect, but people feel our WHY, our mission and vision, what we are about. We just need to get even better at speaking the message through the biggest megaphone.

If you haven’t found your WHY, then stop everything and dig deep, because it’s what will fuel everything you do, and it should be the foundation of every message that comes out about your business. Don’t just be about features, price, novelty, etc. Be about something more, something bigger. Speak your WHY through HOW and WHAT!!!

What are your beliefs (core values)? Write them out and put them up in your office so that whenever you market, start new programs or partnerships, grow your team, or think about the next step in your business, you will always keep in mind what your WHY is. This will make such a huge difference in your business and your life!

Make sure to lead from the front, be the warrior that brings the others back!

And remember, every day is important!