Take Your Fitness Business To The Next Level With This Simple Addition

When you go to the airport, would you rather sit in economy or in business class?

What about first class?

I’m sure that we’d all prefer to be in first class. Even if you can’t get it yet you strive to be able to do it because it gets you the best “results”.

Those results may be….

Restful sleep so you are ready to go wherever you land.

High speed internet so you get work done that makes you money while you’re flying.

No stress in middle crowded seat and no back pain because you could lay-down.

Delicious food and drink rather than microwave meals.

I could go on but I hope I gave some of the main ones (for me at least).

Some people may never be able to afford it but some will. And some will take business class, while others will take extended legroom and possibly a clear pass that gets them through the lines faster.

What if the airlines didn’t offer that? How would it affect the client experience and the revenue of the company? Wouldn’t certain people never fly with them again since they didn’t offer that high(est) level of service?

If there was no limit on budget and resources then you’d definitely take first class wouldn’t you?

Why don’t we do the same in fitness business?

Why do so many resort to being the “cheap airline carrier” and not offer more?

If I asked you what is the ultimate result you can get for your client and if there was no restrictions, what would you offer them, what would it be?

Just group training?

What about nutrition coaching and working on lifestyle habits?

What about semi-private personal training with assessments, customized programs and tests?

What about accountability software and forms and more access to you through different mediums?


How would you create the ultimate result and experience for your client, if there were no restrictions?

Considering what you offer right now, how big of a gap is there between that ultimate service and what you are doing right now?

Watch this video as I explain this in more depth…

Get clear on who you want to serve and exactly what type of results you want them to achieve. What is their ultimate transformation.

As I mentioned in the video, Russell Brunson taught me about the “Secret Formula” where you break down…

Who? – Who is your ideal client? Their frustrations, what keeps them up at night, what are their dreams and desire’s? Think like you’re talking to one person whenever you write, do video, market.

Where? – Where you can you find them? Whether its online of offline. What newsletters do they subscribe to, what blogs they read, what magazine subscriptions do they have, where do they eat, what are their hobbies,…?

Bait? – This is going to be something that will help them solve ONE problem that they currently have (usually BIG problems consist of a number smaller problems – > your bait can solve that problem for them), whether that is in the form of a trial, ebook, seminar, webinar, video course, etc.

Where? (Result) – Where are you taking them? What is the ultimate result that you want them to achieve? Write it out and make it clear. Then also write out the ultimate program that will best help them get there. Are you running that program right now?

You see even though you know that there is more you can do to help your clients, you may not be. And it’s doing two things:

  1. Taking away the opportunity for your clients to get better results and a better experience (it’s what we ultimately want for them!)
  1. Reducing our capability of earning more income

If you look at the lowest offering you have right now and then write out the ultimate program you can offer there’s a clear picture:



Team Training         Small Group PT           Semi-Private PT           “Ultimate Program”


The “Ultimate Program” can be a combination of many different things and its based on the skill-sets you can provide to your clients.

So, do you have “ascension” in your business? Where you are offering different levels of:

  • Experience
  • Accountability
  • Access
  • Association

Which in turn deliver better RESULTS!

Time to level up the experience and results for your clients and create an opportunity to fly first class with your programs.

If you’re committed to creating higher levels of experience for your fitness business and building high end programs along with coaching on sales, marketing, fulfillment and automation so you can build a true business that you love and provides for your family; that also is also predictable and sustainable, then fill out the application form to get on a Discovery Call with Steve and myself.