Speed Kills…

…So Implement

You may have heard this saying from your mom: “Speed kills!”

Although I agree with it from that standpoint, I’m the last person who should be giving you advice about not driving fast in a car.

On this front the advice stops there…

Luka standing in front of a racecar.

I also heard this from my basketball coach (and you probably heard it if you played football as well as some other sports) and it was definitely part of the truth because the teams that had a lot of the fastest players where a headache to play. They would wear us out and create match up problems for the players. Of course, this wasn’t the only factor when it came to wins and losses, but it sure was a huge advantage for the team with the quickest and fastest players.

Although I could drop some knowledge on becoming a better basketball player…

Luka playing basketball

…I  want to talk about how “speed kills” when it comes to business.

I really don’t like to think about competition much because I tend to focus on myself and my business and how I can always improve it, whether it is our training, nutrition, the client experience, the WOW factor, marketing, etc.  What has been the difference in staying ahead and being so unique is the fact that I implement new ideas, concepts, programs, and services, or anything else, with speed (a little note, I still don’t think I implement things fast enough and am working on it as we speak).

I have met many really smart people that know a lot but never do shit! They’re always complaining about things not being the way they want them to be and it’s because the knowledge is there but the implementation isn’t. And if they do implement things, it’s too slowly, and the opportunity is missed or they’re at the end of the pack.

An example would be a conversation I had with a trainer not long ago, who has been working on his business plan to open a smaller personal training gym, for over 2 years. He’s been training for years, has experience, has some money and equipment saved up, and he’s a smart guy. And still at this point in time he was crunching all types of data to figure out how and when was the right time.

The only data he needs is, in the words of Paul Reddick, to GFGI – Go Fucking Get It!

You may not listen to me but there’s no way you’re not gonna listen to Ron!

Ron Burgundy - Go Fucking Get It

He’s thinking about so many things and trying to process so much information that analysis is paralyzing him.

How fast you put new information into action is a big determining factor in how successful you are. And many times what you put into action will not work, but it will teach you something, which can help you implement it better next time around. Or, maybe it will make you realize you should never do it again. Either way, as long as you fail forward, you are on the right track.

What is also important is that taking action and doing it fast becomes a habit. The more you do it, regardless of how uncomfortable it may be, it becomes easier and an act of habit.

So, from now on, when you process any type of information, whether it’s a from a book, DVD, seminar, membership, or conversations with another fit pro, and you learn some information that you really feel will help you out in your business, or even in life, take out a notebook and write it down. Doesn’t need to be paragraphs of writing, just the main point, the meat of it. We process so much information daily and no matter how good your memory is, it’s not important enough if you don’t write it down.

I’ll write down ideas, quotes, books to get, etc. in my notebook, which I carry with me all the time.

Image of Luka's notebook

In the back of the notebook I have a section where I put down the ideas I can implement short term, as well as those that I can implement longer term (more vision based and where I see my life or business in the future). Next to the short term implementation ideas I will put three bullet points of what the next steps should be to make them happen as well as a deadline by when I have to take those action steps.

To make it easier for you, we’ve created a The PackImplement, Take Action, and be Awesome Weekly Worksheet where you can write out the ideas you got from information you absorbed with the action steps you need to take and the date by which you will have them done. Below is a list of people you need to contact or communicate with to make it happen, as well as things you MUST do today to get the wheels spinning.

Download the PDF, print it, and use it!

Let me hear some ideas that you will implement into the business before the month is over.