Resist Average Podcast featuring Luka Hocevar: How To Create A Fitness Business That Becomes A Movement and Leaves a Legacy; Regardless of Setbacks, Downfalls and Struggle

Luka Hocevar
A couple of weeks I did a podcast with Tommy Baker on the Resist Average Academy and it turned into some serious FIRE!

If you’re in a place where you are committed to creating something special that affects a community, city, state or even the world while loving what you do and providing the best for your family and yourself, and yet you’re overwhelmed, you’ve struggled, you’ve had setbacks, then you MUST listen to this.



This is straight from the Resist Average Academy page and we cover:

  • Luka’s vision for Vigor and how it inspires him to wake up daily
  • Creating a community to create better human beings
  • Playing pro basketball and falling in love with training
  • Building his first gym in Slovenia to success 10 years later
  • Luka’s journey to the U.S. and starting from scratch
  • Telling the truth about what it takes to succeed
  • Being humble enough to ask for help
  • Why lead generation isn’t your #1 issue
  • Harnessing radical self awareness and admitting you suck
  • Taking 100% responsibility for rapid change and growth
  • Creating your business values the right way
  • The power of living by a code and making it public
  • Curiosity as a core value and the constant pursuit of learning
  • The 3 things that tell the world your true commitment
  • Time management vs. time efficiency as life gets busier
  • Why doing activities that restore you is crucial to your daily focus
  • Increasing your daily deep work for maximum results
  • To be balanced is to be unbalanced
  • Luka’s insane travel schedule and his passion for living, learning and connecting
  • Whatever you love doing, make sure you are also being there 100%


Wherever you are, remember that your obstacles are your opportunities for growth.


Your scars (physical, emotional, financial…) are the foundation for your success story. I call them the scars of Kings and Queens.


Your mess is your message.

Don’t hide it, let it fuel you, put it out there, and embrace the struggles for without them you’d never push to be the best version of yourself.

Your business will only grow as much as you do, so constant expansion is not only the name of the game for your own personal fulfillment but also for the greatest version of your business as it is a reflection of you.

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