Monday Motivation: I have to ask you this question (the Pack in NY and Boston)

Hope you’re doing great.

I’m kind of pulling an all nighter here as I’m staying with Krebsi in Utica. Not optimal but sometimes you have to do what you have to do and there was a lot of writing and projects to get done and “shipped” as Seth Godin likes to say.

I will keep this short but hopefully eye opening.

So let’s start with that question…

How much massive good will and content are you putting out there and showing that you are not only the expert but unique in what you do?

Are you writing weekly emails with content, inspiration, etc?

What about blog posts (for your own sites and others)?

How about in house seminars and workshops?

What about webinars?

Are you shooting videos and sharing information?

What about courses (offline and online)?

I could go on but I hope you get my point.

You see, very few, if any, trainers/businesses in your area are doing any of that.

They’re not doing it because it takes effort (and knowledge).

But you are doing it, right?

Because you’re doing it, people recognize you and want to learn from you (because you’re offering the right message to the right market –> whatever you want that market to be).

What if you started writing a lot more and with that sticking with the 95/5 model of 95% content and 5% offers. You’ll give people more and offer more so that prospects can actually take you up on that offer.

What about if you did at least one seminar each month (why not two) on a topic that people want to know about and on the back end of it you offered a front end offer that will solve their problem?

What if you did that same presentation and you put it into a webinar and promoted it within 25 miles of your gym and also offered a strategy session with you on the back end?

Just try it. Put out more great content and create offers on the back end that solve the pain and frustration of that client.

Then systemize this process into your 30 day schedule.

E-mail every Monday.

Blog post every Wednesday.

Video every Thursday.

Seminar every 2 weeks.

Webinar every 2 weeks.

You can just start with one and build on it.

As you do this the right way you will build your clientele from the start…but what will also happen is that you will become so good that people won’t be able to ignore you.

Become the category of one.

A great start is doing what everyone else is not doing.

What I was doing and refusing to not go to sleep before I finish, was creating a ton of content that will create massive good will.

Memento Mori,

P.S. While on this trip we’ll be meeting my good friend Travis Jones (the marketing ninja…no one does social media marketing better than this guy) in New York and Boston. This is happening this week.

Since we’ll be there we wanted to see if he’d hook up the Pack family and he came through! There are only a few spaces left in each of the seminars and we got TJ to give a discount just for you guys.

If you’re there make sure you come and talk to both me and Steve.

And on a serious note, if you don’t get at least 10x the ROI from this I’ll take you out to dinner.

Info for New York seminar – Wednesday, November 13th

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Info for Boston – Saturday November 16th

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