Monday Motivation: Change the game; Don’t let the game change you

Hope you’re doing great.

I’m stuck in Syracuse as the weather in connecting airports was crappy and I couldn’t fly out. Just means I get to write and read more, then fly out in the a.m.

I was out and about this week visiting Krebsi to work on projects as well as visiting Cressey Performance, training there, and hanging out with the Cresseys. Our last stop was Boston for the Travis Jones seminar and meeting to finalize something that can be only described as……epic (imagine the dramatic pause before I said it).

My notebook is full of notes and there is a sheet that has all my action steps from my “take-aways.”

Speed of implementation is what is going to be the key to getting shit done and moving forward.

What I tend to do is just announce what I will be doing and then launching so that I put it out there and now I’m accountable for it.

How many times do you come back from a seminar or any learning opportunity and say you’ll do something and then never do it?

Most of the time it’s not that there is a crazy magic strategy that you don’t know that is holding you back (although there is some ninja stuff you can learn that can REALLY speed up your lead generation and money making) but rather the fact that you’re not taking instant action.

Here’s some subliminal stuff…

DOn’t waIT!

There is still such a gap in the market for people offering services that offer solutions to people’s frustrations and pain.

Do you know that you get hit with around 3,000 marketing messages per day?

Your message is one of them.

So how will it be different?

First off, you should speak to a certain person. The more you you speak to that avatar (think about speaking to one person sitting across the table from you and its a conversation) who is looking for a solution to a frustration the more your message gets through.

But first you have to get people to trust you and see that you are an expert.

For that you have to put out content, not just offers.

E-mails, blogs, seminars, webinars, podcasts, …there are so many things you can do to be the expert in your field and get that expertise out there. At the end of them always have an offer to try out your services.

When you become consistent with those, you have just created “xyz” lead generation streams.

Position yourself as an expert and deliver amazing content.

Generate leads.

Help leads by getting them into your programs (some people will call this selling).

Get them great results and experience and retain them while they refer.

Thing is, there is no positioning without being perceived as an expert. And you can’t just be perceived as an expert because you’re a “trainer” and you said so, or you have a gym, etc.

You have the opportunity to dominate in your area, just do all the things others are too lazy to do!

You’d be amazed what starts happening with frequent blogs, emails, seminars, and webinars (and an offer on the back end of it).

Since I’m talking about domination and changing the game.

February 27th – March 1st there will be an event in Las Vegas that will change the game of fitness/business. We’re bringing together the biggest names in fitness and marketing to create an event that will help you become the best trainer in your area, position yourself, market, sell, and build your business bigger and better than you ever thought possible.


Check out the presenters we have now in this video and pre-register to be notified when we open it up, as the first 100 people will get the lower rate AND a half a day business building with Travis Jones, Steve Krebs, and myself.

This will be beyond big and I can honestly say that each presenter will deliver multiple times the value of the event.

Don’t slow down because the year is coming to an end; pick things up (another way to be different than your competition). Which reminds me, you’re running a Black Friday special, right?!

Memento Mori,

P.S. You should be constantly getting better and if you’re going to make it to one event next year, let this be the one…because it will be THE one!