It’s Not Either/Or!


I hope it would be safe to say that all of us are passionate about helping our clients change their bodies, mindsets, and lifestyles for the better. I would like to take it a step further and just say we’re in the business of making our clients happier, partly because of the results we get them but also through the experience we create.

If that’s not you, then piss off!!!
*This is in my East London accent


Okay, to the case in point. I used to somehow believe that my training would be the solution to everything: I will train my clients, and there is no need to offer anything else, because, not only can I fix all the issues, but also why would I refer them to other people, other businesses?

Then I got my head out of my ass…


That was shortsighted of me, but hopefully we all learn from our mistakes and see the bigger picture. I learned that I couldn’t be everyone and fix everything for my clients, which is when I started creating a referral network of great people and businesses to send my clients to when they needed help that I couldn’t provide them.  Chiropractors, ART/Graston practitioners, physical therapists, massage therapists, and doctors – all whom I trust to have our clients’ best interests in mind.

When I recommended my network to clients so they could get help, they always came back even happier and more appreciative of our services, because they saw we really have their best interests at heart and they got the results they were looking for in an area where we weren’t qualified to help them.

So lesson number one here is to develop the highest quality referral network – one that has integrity and will take care of your clients.

But how can we do even better?

We can work on integrating these services, and any other services that our clients want and need, directly into our businesses – to help get them better, faster results, as well as create a better, unique experience. When you integrate them into the business, you can now also generate revenue that will directly affect your bottom line.

It only makes sense to be able to provide your clients the best services, while also profiting from it. If you do not offer certain products and services, your clients will obtain them elsewhere; unfortunately these services often won’t deliver on value and will ultimately be disappointing. So, rather than have them lose confidence in something that they may want or need, joint venture with the highest quality businesses, products, and practitioners to offer them that service…and be rewarded for it.

At Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance, we have been working on adding as many services as possible that help the client with the wholesome approach of improving health and fitness, as well as adding things that they want.

Here are just some services and products that we added over time because of demand and need to best serve the client:

  • Prograde Supplements, which we promote as the quality supplement line of choice, as well as Athletic Greens
  • A professional fridge by the front desk, filled with shakes, energy drinks, vitamin water, ostrich sticks, bars, etc. This was added because people requested it.

image of a professional refrigerator at Vigor Ground

  • Vigor Ground t-shirts, and hoodies (coming soon)
  • Chiropractor, ART/Graston practitioners come in 3 days a week for 2-3 hours to work on clients with issues
  • Fast and Furious Get Lean in 19 Program – demand for a short term program of nutrition, training, and accountability
  • 6-8 week transformation contests (New Year, Back to School, Get Sexy for Summer)

image of a 6 week transformation flyer

  • Specialized Programs such as kettlebells and strongman (coming soon)

vigor strength logo

  • Nutritional and accountability coaching

The next goal, with expansion, is to have rooms specifically for massage therapy, chiropractic, Graston, and ART, as well as a nutritional coaching room and our own supplement line Vigor Fuel (which is already created and in the production process in the U.S.). We’re also looking into creating more clothes and possibly a clothing line, in time. When you are growing and people love your brand, they will support the brand when you add things to it for them.

Each one of the additional services I mention not only helps clients get better results and a more unique experience, but also brings in revenue (some reoccurring, some at specific time periods), and profit at the end of the year.

I’m not telling you exactly what to do because you and your business have a unique personality and your clients may have different needs and wants, not to mention possible demographic and cultural differences. A perfect example is our Vigor Ground gym in Ljubljana, Slovenia, which I started almost 5 years ago, when everyone told me there was no way a gym based on kettlebells and functional training would work in Slovenia. I’m now just consulting and it is run by an awesome team that is taking it to the next level.

Check out the video on how we incorporate services that people want and need to improve the results and experience of the clients:

Every single thing we have added was something that was a solution to a problem clients had. We look at it as our clients being stockholders in the company and having a say, having involvement, and providing input. This takes a lot of guesswork out of what you think you should add.

Listening more always reaps benefits!

Listen more, speak less….

A man holding his finger to his lips.

So what to do now?

Take a survey with your clients to see what they would like to see added to the gym. Think about previous conversations you had with members about what they are missing and what would be really helpful to add to your programs and services. Then also write down the vision of how you see the gym in the future from a perspective of the perfect client experience. Put yourself in the client’s shoes and think about what would be a complete offering to complement the training that would benefit the client from a results, lifestyle, and experience perspective.

After you have written all these things down, circle one or two of the additional services that you can implement within the next 15-30 days. Then DO it!

Once you realize it’s not so difficult to add products and/or services to your business, which will help clients and deliver a better experience, as well as bring in more profits, it will help you think bigger and implement faster the next time.

What are you going to take action on? Leave your plans in the comments below.