How To Go From Broke To Building Your Dream Fitness Business While Owning Your Own Real Estate (The No B.S. Version)


A couple of weeks ago I shot a podcast with Gregory Bradley on the Fitness Business Experience and it turned into over an hour of some really deep conversation on…

  • Opening a functional training gym in a country where no one made in personal training (you had to have a full time job and PT was a side hustle)
  • What it REALLY takes to succeed (not just in fitness business but the characteristics for anyone, anywhere)
  • The difference between coaching and the business of coaching and why not focusing on one of those can crush your business even if you are great at the other
  • Why the marketplace is easier to get into than ever BUT harder to stay in than ever (just like fat loss, easy to lose weight, hard to keep it off)
  • What you MUST pay attention to moving forward; not doing it can be the end of your fitness business, but if you apply it consistently then you will not only survive but thrive in your local area
  • Are you really built for running a fitness business? There’s many ways to be successful in the industry besides having your own gym (confessions of a facility owner)
  • And much much more…

Don’t miss the Real, Raw and Relevant that most won’t share about running a gym.

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