Get. Keep. Grow: What Fitness Business Owners Are Not Paying Attention To (That Is Crushing Their Future)?

This is only a 4 minute read and if you don’t feel like it then you can just watch the short video that breaks it down…but what is not a good idea, is skipping what I’m about to say.


Because it’s important.

It’s THAT important!

I’ve seen too many fit pro’s suffer from not understanding this and I was once oblivious to this too, which really took me steps back and kept me with empty pockets.

Ok….if you’re still with me and watching more than the video.

I had to write this as it seems to elude so many fitness professionals and truth be told it’s something that I struggled with in my younger years (thankfully I messed up fast and learned fast).

What am I talking about?




Huh Luka?!”

The World

What I’m talking about is Getting (or creating) money, Keeping your money, Growing your money. Feel free to substitute your money with your fitness businesses money.

You may be thinking that those all fall under the same skill-set. You’d be wrong!

Those are all separate skill-sets.

To get or create money I believe you have to great at what you do (coaching), get results, be likeable, and in general do things that great coaches do, while also knowing how to sell (and market to if you want that to be predictable and sustainable).

Now that in it-self is no small feat since the majority of small businesses shut down within the first year. Actually, did you know that out of 28 million small businesses in the U.S. 97% make no more than $250k?

And over half of them make just around $25k year, pretty much making it a hobby and soon shutting down.

The reason I say that is to show that knowing how to Get Paid is elusive in it-self, and then there are two other components.

To make it simple, getting paid means you have to be good at the following:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Fulfillment (delivering the product/service/results)
  • Systems/Automation
  • Coaching/Leadership (because this is the part where you build a team)

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To Keep the money you have to understand how things work from taxes, savings, deductibles, payroll, etc. and more than anything, the big picture – keeping more than you spend (both in personal life as well as in your business). When you make more, you should be keeping more!

This is a foundational skill-set that many business owners skip and can be put you into a constant state of stress, since no matter what you bring in, you never seem to keep anything – this causes a perpetual cycle of scarcity.

And then the last part of this equation – Grow. This is what creates prosperity in your life.

Growing is understand when and how to invest in yourself, your business and your family (which should be your #1 investments), as well as at the right time allocating money into places that compound and grow what you keep, from new business ventures (usually in association with your genius and skill-sets), to whole life insurance, real estate investments, stocks, etc.

Knowing what to do when, and what’s best for YOU at that point in time is a huge skill-set, one that can be learned and through experience, or like anything else, getting helped and coached on so you don’t make all the mistakes on the way.

It may seem a lot.

And it is, but it’s not only worth it, it’s a MUST.

To build prosperity, the vision that is your optimal fitness business/life, and stop living in scarcity, just hustling, being exhausted by feeling like you can never step away – you must CHOOSE to take ownership of all these and not ignore and avoid them because they’re hard, or more work. Take action and take control of your future.

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