Do you have a puppy or a baby?!





 Our businesses can be classified in two ways…

A Puppy.                                                                   Or A Baby.










What’s the difference?

Sooner or later a Baby will wipe its own ass.

If your business is a puppy, then you have not set up the proper framework for it to run like a well oiled machine, with or without you.

How can you tell if you have a puppy?

  • You don’t have an EFT billing system in place.
  • You are chasing people for money that is owed to you.
  • You have NO systems in place, or you don’t follow the systems you have.
  • You don’t know your #’s
  • You don’t know your expenses
  • You spend money like a douche bag…You have 20 pairs of sneakers, and an Escalade, but live in a shit hole apartment and have zero net worth.
  • You have no Investment Strategy or Savings
  • You don’t have a plan
  • You don’t have written goals

This list could go on forever but you get the point.

If you have a puppy, then it’s time to remove your head from your ass and start running a real business… It’s time for you to have a baby! (I know fellas, that shit just made you cringe!)

If your business is a baby then you are on the right track!

  • You have systems in place for EVERYTHING!
  • You have a system for checking up on your systems!
  • You have checklists for everything that a 5 year old could follow
  • You have your #’s down pat

Weekly / Monthly numbers you should know at all times:

  • Total # of Active Clients
  • Total EFT Revenue
  • Total Expenses
  • Total Net Profit
  • # of clients lost
  • Why you lost those clients
  • # of consults
  • # of new sign ups

These are things that, if done CONSISTENTLY and ALWAYS, will allow you to have yourself a healthy baby!

If not, you will have a puppy that SHITS ALL OVER THE PLACE FOREVER!

It’s not enough just to be “profitable” or end up with excess money at the end of the month. That is short-term thinking. You need to look at your actual net profit after expenses, and how much of that is actually going into your pocket.

Consistency is what matters in business. Those owners who have puppies will be part of the 90+ % who will be out of business in less than 10 years!!

It’s not EASY to raise a baby. It’s going to take hard work, dedication, consistency, and a little testicular fortitude. But at some point this will all pay off, and when it does that baby will be WIPING ITS OWN ASS!

And that is PRICELESS!