7 Guaranteed Ways to Go Out of Business This Year

It’s easy to talk about ‘the dream’…

So many clients flowing into your facility that you have to hire five new coaches, a new admin, and the best part You NEVER have to work again….

This is the pile of shit idea that has been pushed in our industry by ‘GURUZ’ who have never actually done it.

It would be like an obese trainer giving advice on how to get ‘show ready’… it simply doesn’t make sense.

I Call Bullshit.

The fact is there is an insane amount of advice out there on how to succeed, but rarely do you see the opposite side of the coin.

How to fail.

You see bromigo, the punches that knock you the fuck out are the ones you don’t see coming.

So here is a small list of all the ways that your business can easily get F’ed Up and fast.

Gyms are opening and closing at an alarming rate.

20% of all gyms lose every year.

If that doesn’t make you soil your undies, I don’t know what will.

We all worry so much about what your competition is doing that you lose focus on what could actually take your businesses down….


So without further adieu….

Think of this as your “To Don’t List”


Uncle Stevie’s 7 Guaranteed Ways to Go Out of Business This Year:

1. Focus only on LEAD GEN.
It doesn’t matter how many leads you generate if you can’t retain them. So many marketers have jumped on the fitness bandwagon, and although they may be able to help you generate a few leads here and there, what advice can they offer on actually providing an amazing service and getting results for your clients?

Simple answer?They can’t, because most of them should be hiring you to get their soft asses in shape.

To survive you MUST build an amazing experience, consistent results with a healthy dose of accountability. Otherwise you will get stuck in the Lead Gen circle of death… Get lead, lose lead, need more leads.


2. Worry about your staff/team stealing clients. So you don’t develop them.
This is a self-fulfilling prophecy in most fitness businesses. You are paranoid, so you only teach your team ‘just enough’… you forget to show them appreciation and so sooner or later they leave. And when they do, they take half of your clients with them. What would happen if you actually INVESTED in them?


3. Attempt to Systemize yourself out of the business too soon.
Empires are built on solid foundations. If you try to skip this step, everything will crumble and fast. If you pull yourself out too soon, problems will arise guaranteed. The truth is, your clients are always going to want to see your face.


4. Un-mastered.
The biggest mistake I see inside of this industry is coaches who have not mastered, wait for it…… coaching. If you cannot get consistent results for your clients in a safe training environment then you My friend are not a master.


5. Celebrate Mediocrity.
You would be amazed at how many times I have heard, “I would be happy if I could just make (insert shitty income here)”. Playing small will get you small results, period.


6. Avoid the numbers.
The fastest way to go out of business is to avoid running one. If you don’t know all of your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) right now, then you are playing business not running one. If you don’t know what KPI’s are, then scoop up your copy of The Fitness Business Mix tape here.


7. Listen to people who have never done it.
The man with experience will never be at the mercy of the man with theory. It’s easy to regurgitate ideas and theories. Anyone can do that. Experience is gained battling in the trenches. So many small details are missed by “coaches” who have never actually done it. Be careful who you surround yourself with, Real recognize real.


Now that you know exactly how to go out of business, you can avoid these common pitfalls of the fitness business game.