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Fitness business coaching

Fitness business coaching

The most Real, Raw, Relevant, and Ruthlessly  Committed to your Results coaching program in  the industry.  Build the mindsets and skill-sets necessary to  grow a business you love, that is unique, predictable, sustainable and profitable and allows you to live life on your terms so that you can give yourself and  your family what it deserves. This is more than just a mastermind, this is coaching at the highest levels with a community of like-minded people committed to having it  all (Body, Being, Balance, Business).

Resurrection week

Resurrection week

Resurrection Week is an elite level experience held in Pacific Beach San Diego, CA for male entrepreneurs who want to level up in all areas of their lives.

Pack Life TV

Pack Life TV

Pack TV is a weekly web tv show highlighting the best and brightest minds in business, fitness, health, marketing and more.

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Luka was born and raised in Slovenia and gives credit to sport, fitness and coaches in taking his life from the streets to playing basketball from high school to the pro’s, where he played in Europe as well as the NBA Summer Pro League. This led to a lifelong passion in fitness where over a decade ago he co-founded Vigor Move & Live, today the most successful performance gym in Slovenia.
After moving to Seattle Luka had to start from ground zero working at commercial big box gym, health clubs and small gym chains to starting a garage gym that became a cult classic in the area and grew into what Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance is today, one of the most recognized fitness and performance facilities in the Northwest.

Luka has started a real estate company with which Vigor Ground is currently purchasing a building to integrate training, nutrition, massage, physical therapy, chiropractic/ART, a cryo-chamber, cafe and smoothie bar – to truly provide a transformation experience and community like no other.

Together with Steve, Luka formed and co-owns The Pack Fitness Business,
Changing The Game Fitness Business Event and is also the business and development coach for the Training For Warriors mastermind.





Steve Krebs is a Master Coach and Mentor, co-founder of The Pack Fitness Business, Resurrection Week Academy and Changing the Game: The Fitness Business Event. Steve coaches business owners on how to stop running their lives on despair and start running them on purpose and passion. Steve has been running fitness and performance facilities for 12 years, and has successfully operated Next Level Athletic Performance Inc. for over 9 years in an area ranked top ten places to own a business in Forbes Magazine. Steve is ruthlessly committed to helping male entrepreneurs level up in all areas of life.



If you’re finally done with trying to do it all alone and feeling like you’re on an island and no one understands you because you’re an entrepreneur and you’re committed to building a business you love, that is predictable, has a long term vision and is profitable and creates the life you and your family deserve – then it’s time to break through and take the next step.

The Pack Fitness Business Coaching program is much more than a mastermind. No sitting around just sharing what works for everyone. Here we get Real, Raw and Relevant with where you are in your business and life and we help you gain clarity on EXACTLY what you want and the path and plan to get you there.

We’re Ruthlessly committed to your Results and as long as you’re not just interested but you are committed, the next year can be the most successful year you’ve ever had in business and life. We will help you with breaking through your mental barriers and self-limiting beliefs as well as work on sales, marketing, automation (systems), fulfillment (delivery of service) and creating a super hero team that grows with your vision. Only take the next step if you’re committed to breaking through and taking your life and business to the next level and expanding and never looking back….